Social Gaming

Are Brands Better Than Sex?

Maybe we’re guilty of generalizing, but let’s just venture a guess and say that people like to have sex.

Messaging App Tango Raises $280 Million

Tango is the latest messaging app to attract big dollars, with Alibaba Group leading a fundraising roun

What Fast-Growing Trivia App Didn’t Have an Android Version Until Today?

QuizUp, the mobile trivia game, launched on Android today after becoming a fast hit on the iPhone last year. The Iceland-based Plain Vanilla Games also launched QuizUp on the iPad last month, and CEO Thor Fridriksson said that he has been bombarded with potential users asking for the Android version.

Sony and Facebook Are Making PlayStation More Social

Sony's PlayStation 4 became available at midnight.

New Executive Joins Zynga in Transition

Zynga picked up a new chief operator.The company announced that Clive Downie would join as COO after serving as CEO at rival Japanese game maker DeNA.

Facebook, Zynga Loosen Ties

Facebook and Zynga used to be best friends.

Even Zynga’s Ad Business Is in Decline

Like a fiduciary Frodo, Zynga’s advertising business was supposed to be its unassuming savior.

As Zynga Struggles, AOL Chases Social Gaming Ads

If you're not someone who plays social games online, it's probably hard to grasp just how huge the phenomenon has become. As it stands now, some 81 million plus take part in social gaming, a majority of whom are women and moms. Estimates by eMarketer predict social game ad revenues to skyrocket nearly 80 percent to $672.2 million by 2014, alone.

Zynga Loses Marketing, Revenue Chief

The hits keep coming for Zynga. Problem is, hits for the social gaming company used to mean another uber-popular game—likely ending in -ville.

EA’s E3 Message: We’re Social, Mobile and Always Evolving

Video games are each a social network onto themselves. They're never quite finished. And video games are no longer bound by the console hooked up to giant TV screens.