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BlackBerry Messenger Debuts Slate of Ad Products

BlackBerry is introducing ads and virtual stickers into its messenger app as it tries to squeeze value from its core communication service. BlackBerry executives were in New York last week showing off the new native advertising formats on Messenger.

Mobile Marketers Win Important FCC Text Message Ruling

Companies can safely get back into text messaging marketing programs, now that the Federal Communications Commission has clarified a '90s-era communications law.

I Think We’re Parked in Alaska

With Black Friday nigh upon us, mall-based retailers everywhere—not least of them the 520 or so stores inside Bloomington, Minnesota’s Mall of America—have visions of packed parking lots dancing in their heads. But the mother of all shopping centers has a problem that many retail settings do not: 12,550 parking spaces.

Text Message Marketing Is Still a Thing

If you compare mobile marketing with TV networks, text message campaigns would be PBS. They’re not sexy, and they’re not enormously popular, but they’re still kicking around, somewhat.

Push Notifications: Not So Annoying Anymore

Push notifications, those less, er, pushy cousins of SMS messages, are on the rise.Urban Airship, which powers push notifications for more than 60,000 apps, said it took in as much revenue in the first quarter of this year as it did in all of 2011.