How Social Media Has Changed the Camera—and Photography—Forever

It's common sense to not post pictures on social media that may convey an irresponsible lifestyle to current or future employers. But there's a subtler dynamic at play we should consider, especially today, National Camera Day, before we upload that beautiful Hawaiian sunset.

Why It Should Scare Marketers That We’re Living in ‘the Stone Age of Data’

This [Corporate] Message Will Self-Destruct

Hot tips, insider info, top secrets and off-the-record comments have a new app for secure digital transmission: Confide.

Google Plus Users Haven’t Learned to Share

It’s the second most popular social network by some measures, but when it comes to sharing, Google+ has the least reach compared to its rivals, according to the latest data from the social media tech firm Gigya.

Zeebox Adds New TV Rooms Social Feature

Zeebox, the social network-enabled second-screen app, is adding a feature called TV rooms, which the company describes as a Facebook to connect TV fans, creators and actors.