Scion’s Latest Weird Drivers Are Stock-Photo People and a Vampire With a Man Bun

Stock photo humor is the gift that keeps on giving, in this case thanks to Scion, which has rolled out two new spots in its "Weird, right?" campaign from Droga5—one of which features a group of stock-photo businesspeople driving a Scion iA.

How the Steady Stream of Creative Talent Moving From N.Y. to L.A. Became a Flood

A dyed-in-the-wool New York advertising professional, Patricia Korth-McDonnell had heard all the clichés about Los Angeles as an endless parking lot, a cultural wasteland and, perhaps most relevant, a professional dead end at best and career suicide at worst.

Ad of the Day: James Franco, Jaleel White Star in Droga5’s Wonderfully Weird Scion Spots

Droga5 delivers two of the year's most entertaining celebrity endorsements, as James Franco and Jaleel White ride with their alter egos—the former paired with his artsy side, the latter with a wax figure of Steve Urkel—in a big new campaign for Scion.

Toyota’s Scion Music Label Puts Artists First

In order to reach the coveted millennial demographic, Scion is attempting to speak to them through music. Since 2003—a year after the Toyota car brand was launched—it's run record label Scion AV, working with over 1,500 artists ranging from The Black Lips, Chromeo, A-Trak and A$AP Rocky.

Droga5 Gets Into the Car Space

The plum task of unveiling the Toyota FCV—the automaker's entrée into the fuel cell car space—puts Droga5 into the automotive category for the first time.

Scion Makes Its First Spanish-Language Upfront Buy Exclusive to Univision

This upfront season saw plenty of growth in the auto category, at least if you were selling inventory in the Hispanic market. That's one of the reasons that

Scion Turns to WDCW to Boost Regional Marketing

Toyota's Scion has hired the Los Angeles office of WDCW to boost the brand's regional marketing efforts.The move comes after a review that began last fall and was led by procurement executives at Scion. Dentsu's Attik in San Francisco remains Scion's lead agency in the U.S.

Toyota Scion Spins Out One of Year’s Crassest Ads

Now competing against Kate Upton/DirecTV for crassest advertising of the week: the "Babes 'N' Donuts" spot below for Toyota's Scion iQ. What the brand thought: Women in bikinis sloshing each other with milk + fried-dough-auto-stunt pun = playful, clever sales pitch. What the universe thought: This is the tiny car for drooling man-pigs. The rest of the clips in the series—featuring bikers, cops, and dudes 'n' the aforementioned donuts (posted after the jump)—are slightly less tacky, and equally stupid.