Are Ad Blockers an Invasive Species or a Catalyst for Innovation?

Ad blocking has been the dominant topic of conversation across digital media for the last couple of months, and we still don't seem to have tired talking about it.

This Is What Brands Need to Know About Mobile Safety

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Mobile Ad Blockers Have Already Become the App Store’s Top Downloads

COLOGNE, Germany—Apple's support of ad-blocking in its iOS9 software has caused plenty of hand-wringing for U.S. publishers and ad-tech companies, and it appears they had good reason to worry.

What Does a Programmatic Sales Chief Actually Do?

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Premium Publishers Give Private Marketplaces Another Look

After a burst of initial announcements of private exchanges, followed by a lull in activity, private marketplaces are getting another look by premium publishers as the technology has improved and programmatic buying gains traction.

For Yahoo’s Mayer, Size Does Matter

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer said during the company’s third-quarter earnings call that she was eyeballing relatively small acquisitions, describing potential deals as “something in the size and scale of double-digit millions and low hundreds of millions.” And despite chatter to the contrary, it sounds like Mayer’s sticking with the plan.

Amazon, Advertising’s Sleeping Giant, to Awaken in 2013

Amazon made a splash during October’s Advertising Week while previewing its advertising business, but that was merely a ripple compared to the waves the e-commerce behemoth has coming for 2013 and beyond.

Target Pushing Into Media Business

The holidays are a busy season for retailers looking to juice revenue by running ads promoting inventory-clearing sales. But for Target, this year the holidays are also a time for running other brands’ ads.

It’s Basic Math That’s Killing Display

A few weeks ago, Adweek ran an investigative feature on the impact of the flux of venture capital dollars into the ad tech space. The piece generated a lot of reaction—mostly positive, though some readers did not agree with much of the piece.

Ad Wreck

Blame Mary Meeker. Definitely blame Google. And most of all, perhaps, blame MySpace.