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This Pabst Blue Ribbon Fan Art Will Appear on 6 Million Cans

Pabst Blue Ribbon is generally known for its no-frills approach to classic can design and, you know, beer in general. But soon its tall boys will be sporting a pretty cool new look.Dallas artist Jerod "Dtox" Davies won the can design portion of the brand's recent PBRArt competition, which drew more than 500 entries from across the country. Davies' illustration, called "Diving for Liquid Gold," will be featured on 6 million 16-ounce tall boys over a three-month period. The limited-time cans will be available anywhere PBR tall boys are usually sold.Here's what Davies told the brand about his inspiration and artistic approach:"Art was drawn by me with a felt tip marker/pen ... idea was an old school deep sea diver discovering treasure in a sea of 'liquid gold,' the can giving off bubbles, and light guiding his hands. 1844 on his suit patch and face mask looks like the Pabst ribbon. Hops and barley floating around the prized PBR as well."A muralist, body painter and illustrator, Davies says he has worked with brands ranging from Jean Paul Gaultier and American Airlines to the Dallas Mavericks and Eryka Badu.

Budweiser Woos Hipsters With Artisanal Wooden Crates and Throwback Logos

Pabst Blue Ribbon became the hipster brew of choice in the early 2000s and seemed to hold a firm grip on that distinction until Coors caught on with young, arty adults last year.

PBR, American Spirit Cigarettes Used as Bait in ‘Hipster Traps’ Around NYC

Residents of the giant hipster trap that is New York City are setting miniature hipster traps—baited with Pabst Blue Ribbon, dorky sunglasses, bike chains and American Spirit cigarettes—as a public art project around Brooklyn.

Watch Patrick Swayze’s 1979 Pabst Blue Ribbon Ad in Glorious HD Quality

Here's a really wonderful old Pabst Blue Ribbon commercial from 1979, featuring the late Patrick Swayze, then in his late 20s, hitting the dance floor with a pretty young thing—then cooling off with a crisp, cold glass of PBR.The spot itself is great—but the quality of the video is unbelievable. It was posted by Big Sky Edit, which explains: "This film was recently found in our archives and re-transferred to HD quality." The results are astonishing, and really make the ad come alive again.

Pabst Leaves Chicago for Glitzier Zip Code

The hipster beer of choice is on the move.

I’ll have a whole load of Pabst Blue Ribbon

This old-school Pabst Blue Ribbon ad has one of the most schizophrenic voiceovers I've ever heard. The poor announcer keeps asking himself, "What'll ya have?" And responding in the same […]