Ikea Built a Room in One of Its Stores to Look Like a Damaged Home in Syria

Here's a fantastic use of in-store media by Ikea to bring the reality of the Syrian crisis home to those enveloped in the comforts of the West—indeed, those right in the middle of shopping for those very comforts.

Drones Try to Assemble a Layer Cake in This Nutty Norwegian Phone Ad

Finally someone has found a good use for drones: Making a cake.A team of little flying robots assembles a three-tier confection by airlifting genoise, splashing icing, firing candies out of a makeshift cannon and even lighting a sparkler with a blow torch—all in a new ad for Norwegian telecoms company Telia.

A Volkswagen Drives a Trailer Backwards at High Speed in This Marvelous Campaign

Imagine walking down the street, going about your business, and seeing a car-towed box trailer whizzing past—backwards.You might imagine you had stumbled onto the set of an action movie. Or perhaps it's a Norwegian Volkswagen campaign from agency Try Oslo that picked up four Lions last week in Cannes, including gold in the Promo category, as well as silvers in Outdoor and PR and a bronze in Film.

An Unborn Girl Reads a Loving, Pleading Letter to Her Father in This Heartbreaking PSA

There's a kind of time-out moment in Game of Thrones when Cersei Lannister, who is generally a villain, asks an enemy of hers how her daughter—who now lives in his kingdom—is faring. He snappily answers, "They don't hurt little girls in Dorne." Cersei softens, her reply opening a brief window into what's made her such a sadistic, miserable human: "Everywhere in the world they hurt little girls." "Dear Daddy," an ad for Care Norway by agency Schjaerven, drives that poignant point home with a sledgehammer.

Norwegians Object to Giant Penis Squirting Them With Confetti in PSA Stunt

Believe it or not, there are a few situations where dressing up as a giant penis and spraying people with confetti is inappropriate. Promoting condom use on behalf of a sex education charity is one of those situations, according to thirtysomething Norwegians.

This Norwegian Don’t-Boat-and-Drink PSA Became a Global Viral Hit

The good people of Norway are facing a drunken-boating problem—of the roughly 30 Norwegian boat-related deaths each year, about a quarter occur when the operator is under the influence. A PSA aimed at addressing the problem has become an unexpected viral sensation.

Goat Sings ’80s Rock Ballad ‘Simply the Best’ in Ridiculous Ad for Goat Cheese

Have you ever wondered how a goat would interpret '80s rock ballad "Simply the Best"? Of course you have.

One Bite of Chocolate Puts Everything in Perspective in This Lovely Spot From Norway

This video spot for Freia chocolate shows a young, impressively bearded Norwegian man living by the "full life, empty fridge" principle in New York City. His hectic lifestyle as a fashion stylist doesn't leave him with much time to buy groceries, relax in his apartment or, you know, live.

Design Grand Prix Goes to Norwegian Shop for a Logo That’s Visual and Musical

CANNES, France—Norwegian agency Anti Design won the coveted Design Grand Prix here tonight for a fascinating branding identity campaign for a music and arts festival, the centerpiece being a logo that was both visual and, in a way, musical.

Hidden-Camera Video With Freezing Child Is a Whole Lot Warmer Than Most Ad Stunts

If you saw a boy without a coat shivering alone at a bus stop, would you ask if he needed help? Would you lend him your gloves, scarf or jacket?