New Products

Wendy’s Joins the Pinterest Movement With These Cool Cinematic Pins

Pinterest is all about the future. People pinning their digital desires—dream weddings, homes, vacations, wardrobes—give marketers a glimpse into their purchasing plans.

Yes, Shoppers Actually Do Like Those Adventurous New Food Flavors

Food marketers are constantly experimenting with crazy flavors to get consumers to try new products. Those gimmicks are successfully piquing shoppers' interest (regardless of how something actually tastes), according to new findings from uSamp.

It’s Finally Real: An iPhone Case That Doubles as a Stun Gun

If you can dream it, someone can steal it.

The iPhone Is Nice, but Could This Blocky, Utopian Rival Be the Best Phone in the World?

Smartphones are lovely, but they're also wasteful—not worth repairing when they break, quickly obsolete in a hyper-competitive market. But what if there were a different model, one where a phone's pieces could be easily removed, repaired, customized and upgraded? That's the idea behind the Phoneblok.

Today’s Fakest New Product: Tiny Diapers for the Tip of Your Penis™

With crowdfunding product videos all the rage, mockvertising has reached a new apex with fictional Kickstarter ads. Behold the one below, imploring you to help fund the development of Tiny Diapers for the Tip of Your Penis™.

Mosquito Patch: Wear It and Never Get Bitten Again?

The Kite Patch promises to do for today's world what quinine and imperialism did for our great-grandparents: decrease the chance of contracting gross or fatal diseases from mosquitoes. The patch, which is really more of a sticker, is full of chemicals that prevent mosquitoes from detecting CO2 in your blood, effectively cloaking the wearer from them.

Incredible Tiny Device Finds Your Keys, Busts Car Thieves and Saves the Universe

It's no NeverWet, but as new products go, Tile has a wow factor that's helped it attract plenty of funding, if somewhat mixed reactions to its core concept.

Watch the Most Bafflingly Awesome New-Product Demo of 2013 So Far

Everyone is raving about NeverWet, a spray-on waterproof coating that Rust-Oleum is manufacturing and distributing in North America in return for royalty payments. I didn't get what all the fuss was about, but then I saw the product demonstration video below.

Coming Soon: Downton Abbey Wine and Breaking Bad Beer

Downton Abbey is hopping on the branded beverage bandwagon (alongside Breaking Bad, The Simpsons, Game of Thrones and some other shows), but in a unique way that's sure to make the program's fans even more insufferable.

HBO and Ommegang Brew Up ‘Game of Thrones’ Beers

To capitalize on what Forbes calls the "upscale geek" market, HBO and Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown, N.Y., are collaborating on a line of Game of Thrones beers that will hit stores in 2013.