It’s Finally Real: An iPhone Case That Doubles as a Stun Gun

Hoax product is no longer fiction

If you can dream it, someone can steal it.

That could be the moral of the story of Stun Fone, a fictitious attachment that turned your smartphone into a stun gun, devised a few years back by Los Angeles ad agency and production studio Stun Creative. A video demo of this 90,000-volt fake gadget went viral (the original clip was pulled off YouTube, but a copy is posted below), racked up millions of tweets and won an "experimental and weird" Webby honor. Sadistic folks all over the world clamored for one.

Well, the wait's over, and the real version, made by a company called Yellow Jacket, is significantly more muscular than the one cooked up by Stun Creative's Brad Roth and Mark Feldstein as a quirky promotion for their business. Yellow Jacket will sell you a detachable stun-gun case for the iPhone 5 that can shoot 650,000 volts of electricity into a would-be predator (or unfortunate butt-dialer?) for just $149. Bonus: It doubles as a battery charger and makes a noise that's "throaty and intimidating," according to CNET.

The device, launched at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, will be available next month, complete with safety switches so you don't fry your ears off. No word on revenue splits or a licensing fee to the original "creators," although they don't seem overly bothered by the new product. In fact, it was Stun Creative's PR team that pointed us to it.