Fox Looks to Make Empire an Enduring Success, Not Just a Short-Term Hit

Empire might not be as white-hot as it was in Season 1, but the show remains one of TV's biggest hits, and its ratings among 18- to 49-year-olds are twice as high as any other current Fox series, except for The X-Files. However, the network has already ruled out Empire as the show that will follow the Super Bowl next February.

This Director of Stunning IMAX Films Is Betting Big on Virtual Reality

DJ Roller has filmed on all seven continents, gone into the deep with James Cameron and directed thrilling movies in IMAX and in 3D. But now the award-winning cinematographer and technologist sees the future of content in virtual reality.

Is Tim Howard the Perfect Brand Partner?

Following his gutsy performance for Team USA in the FIFA World Cup, goalkeeper Tim Howard is preparing for a big score.

Broadcasters Try to Drag NCC Media Into FCC Fight Over Joint Sales Deals

Broadcasters have launched a counterstrike against the Federal Communications Commission's proposal to restrict TV joint sales agreements by asking the agency to look into similar sales arrangements used by the largest pay TV providers.

You Won’t Believe How Big TV Still Is

As the upfronts approach and the NewFronts try again to imitate them, expect to hear a lot about the twilight of traditional television with the rise of digital video. But don’t believe it.

Broadcasters Howl Over Proposed Changes to Carriage Rules

Broadcasters are girding for a knock-down drag-out fight over a parade of horribles that might be added to the reauthorization of a little-known cable law commonly known as "Stela." The add-ons currently being negotiated between House GOP members on the commerce committee could change the rules of retransmission consent negotiations and result in broadcasters being knocked off basi

Bank Ad Goes for Broke With Slew of Wonderfully Random Pop-Culture References

Holy licensing fees, bank man.

It’s Alive: Frankenstorm Hits New York

Let it never be said that New Yorkers are slow to capitalize on acts of God.

New Bill Aims to Close Crunch in Spectrum Auction

It's finally beginning to sink in in Washington that the pending auction of spectrum voluntarily relinquished by TV broadcasters may hardly make a dent in the looming shortage of wireless spectrum.

Retrans Rumble: Broadcasters Slam Time Warner Cable

By all measures, Time Warner Cable had a terrific quarter and that was just the opening the National Association of Broadcasters needed to come out swinging against the cable operator for its relentless advocacy of retransmission reform.