Bank Ad Goes for Broke With Slew of Wonderfully Random Pop-Culture References

How much did this cost?

Holy licensing fees, bank man.

This new spot for National Australia Bank features an entertainingly bizarre array of pop-culture references, from Jaws and Gremlins to Scooby-Doo and OK Go. It's all set to the upbeat sounds of "Tightrope," the 2010 soul single from Janelle Monáe, creating a vibe that's fun, funky and many other adjectives you don't normally associate with a bank.

Sure, you could argue it doesn't really sell the specific benefits of banking at NAB, but then you'd sound like some focus-group poindexter who just wants to see interest rates and smiling people holding debit cards.

Plus, anything that puts a great white, a mogwai, Wile E. Coyote and Roy Scheider into the same 45 seconds is a winner in my book. Agency: Clemenger BBDO in Melbourne.