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Google Is Expanding Universal App Campaigns to iOS Developers

Google is opening up its Universal App Campaigns for iOS developers to use for driving app installs to Apple devices.

Google Is Testing Ads That Let Consumers Demo Mobile Apps Before Downloading

Ever wished you could try a mobile app before wasting time, money and precious data on actually downloading it? Google wants to let would-be users test drive them.

Quantcast Links Web and Mobile App Data for Ad Targeting

Quantcast is meshing consumer Web and mobile app behavior with an eye on making real-time ad buying more targeted.

Social and Native Ads Are More Effective Than Email, Study Says

Marketers say that social media ads and native promotions are better for brands than email, according to Millward Brown Digital's study for MediaBrix.

New Ad Exchange Delivers Mobile Video

Get ready for more in-app messages like this: “and now a word from our sponsors,” as ad company Vungle today launched an in-app video ad exchange that will serve commercials to smartphones.

Facebook Ads Aim to Help Mobile App Marketers

Mobile marketers spend plenty of resources getting consumers to download their apps, but—with the exception of extremely popular go-to utility apps such as Google Maps or Twitter—smartphone users tend to discontinue using those services and delete them.