Marco Rubio

This 50-Year-Old Campaign Ad Has Suddenly Gone Viral as the Perfect Pitch Against Trump

A Republican Party divided. A high-profile candidate known for his extreme statements and hawkish saber-rattling. Sound familiar? That was the case in 1964 with ultra-conservative GOP candidate Barry Goldwater, just as it is today with Republican front-runner Donald Trump. Five decades ago, President Lyndon Johnson's campaign famously created the "Daisy" ad to highlight Goldwater's willingness to use nuclear weapons in conflicts like Vietnam. But Trump's opponents are now flocking to another, lesser-known LBJ ad called "Confessions of a Republican," which features an actor expressing the conflicted feelings that many Republicans had at the time. 

Presidential Candidates Have Spent Less Than 1% of the $5.5 Billion They’re Expected to Rack Up

The 2016 race to the White House might seem like it's already zooming full speed ahead, but in terms of dollar signs, it's only just begun.

The 5 Strangest Things the 2016 Presidential Candidates Are Selling Online

The 2016 election may be more than a year away, but things are already getting weird.One of the first places the strangeness is showing is in candidates' campaign stores, so we decided to compile a few of our favorite fundraising oddities.(For the purposes of this list, fan-created merchandise is left off, though there are some truly laudable puns and other bits of wordplay out there like the Christie Creme T-shirt, "Feel the Bern" and "I'm Ridin' With Biden.")As with any election coverage, just remember: this is our circus, and these are our monkeys. We've gone through all 22 declared candidates' campaign stores to find you the strangest things that are offered:

Name the Event, and Some Marketer Will Be Ready to Exploit Social Media

During the Oscars this Sunday night, nimbly crafted ads highlighting both golden moments and gaffes will stream into Twitter and Facebook feeds. And don’t be surprised next month if new-Pope-themed promos—especially for those identified as Catholic—ascend into the social strata.