Clair McLafferty

Clair McLafferty is a veteran craft bartender and author of the books The Classic & Craft Cocktail Recipe Book and Romantic Cocktails.

5 Ways You Can Help Your Favorite Bartenders Right Now

They've been there for you. Now be there for them. Here's how you can soften the financial blow of the Covid-19 quarantine.

How Bitters Became the New Craft Obsession (and How to Make 5 Delicious Cocktails With Them)

Bitters are often described as being a bartender's spice rack, but they're one of the least understood ingredients behind the bar. Though their long history is rooted in herbal medicine, they've also been used for almost as long to flavor drinks.

Long Known for Just One Brand, Cocktail Bitters Are Booming

In the world of cocktails, everything old is new and trendy again. And yet, few products have been revived as dramatically as bitters. Despite the relative obscurity of the flavorful extract that is a staple of drinks like the Manhattan over the last century, the craft cocktail movement has inspired dozens, possibly even hundreds of upstart brands of bitters.

The 5 Strangest Things the 2016 Presidential Candidates Are Selling Online

The 2016 election may be more than a year away, but things are already getting weird. One of the first places the strangeness is showing is in candidates' campaign stores, so we decided to compile a few of our favorite fundraising oddities. (For the purposes of this list, fan-created merchandise is left off, though there are some truly laudable puns and other bits of wordplay out there like the Christie Creme T-shirt, "Feel the Bern" and "I'm Ridin' With Biden.") As with any election coverage, just remember: this is our circus, and these are our monkeys. We've gone through all 22 declared candidates' campaign stores to find you the strangest things that are offered:

The 13 Strangest Vodka Flavors (and the Drinks You Could Actually Make With Them)

Vodka has long been well known and well loved for being flavorless. For the last few years, producers have worked to expand the market by introducing exotic flavors that get […]

Each Bottle of This Gin Is Flavored With the Venom and Pheromones of 62 Ants

Unlike scorpion vodka, snake whiskey or cheap mezcal, no deceased creatures await you at the bottom of a bottle of Anty Gin. Instead, it's distilled quart by quart from an infusion of more than 6,000 foraged red wood ants and ethanol.