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Are You a Millennial Boss? Here’s How to Work With Boomers and Xers

Shama Hyder, CEO of the Marketing Zen Group and author of The Zen of Social Media Marketing, knows millennials. In fact, she's a millennial herself.

Philip Morris Could Cause Ethical Problems for Publicis-Omnicom Merger

Any industry merger brings with it the potential for client conflicts when agencies work for competing marketers.

Luxury Resellers Are Giving Fashion a Second Life

Jaclyn Shanfeld became a fashion entrepreneur by accident. After snapping off a heel while rushing to a bar mitzvah in Beverly Hills, she hobbled into the local Fred Segal boutique and panic-bought a pair of Yves Saint Laurents—that turned out to be too small.

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Writers’ Room Host Jim Rash Explains How Popular TV Shows Are Made

Dylan Lauren Wrote a Book on Her BlackBerry

Specs Age 39

Millennial Guys Are Turning to Makeup

Manly men. Guy's guy. Nowadays, gender roles are more fluid than they've been in recent decades, redefining masculinity. Men are taking on more of the child care and household chores and worrying about finding a work/life balance. Men (the younger ones, that is), are even starting to embrace traditionally women's grooming products and fashions.

Project Isaac Winners: Best Practices

Management Putting an Agency to The Test Moonshot Innovation Lab

A Bridge Notorious for Suicides Is Transformed in a Creative Project

My Pick: Bridge of Life Samsung Life Insurance, Korea In a Nutshell: A bridge with a high suicide rate is transformed into a bridge of hope with technology.

The Winners and Losers of SXSW

Which app, keynote speaker and barbecue joint got the most social buzz at SXSW? Who was the week's biggest celebrity? What were some of the event's highlights—and what made us wish we'd just stayed home? Here, SXSW by the numbers.