Here Are 4 Mobile Messaging Apps Marketers Need to Know About in 2016

When it comes to messaging, Snapchat and Facebook-owned WhatsApp and Messenger are the go-to apps of millennials and marketers alike. But increasingly, a new crop of messaging apps is growing in popularity.

K-Swiss Shows Why Kik Video Could Be Huge for Brands

Kik has launched a new video ad experience—and it appears to really get people watching by offering rewards for their time. The millennial-minded messaging app is letting users choose which ads to watch in exchange for points, and one of the first major brands to try a campaign is K-Swiss, a footwear marketer looking for a resurgence.

Mean Ads That Work

It's OK to be antagonistic in your ad. Just make sure it's sympathetic, too.That idea—that attack messaging works when it also resonates with viewers—was among those kicked around at Adweek's "Shock and Awesome: How to Do Provocative Advertising Without Turning People Off" panel during Creative Week on Tuesday. 

Ad of the Day: K-Swiss

These shoes will ruin your life.

10 Great Ads That Are More Than 5 Minutes Long

Fancy sitting through a five-minute-long commercial? I know, you'd rather be boiled alive in hot acid. But actually, there are plenty of long-form spots that aren't just tolerable but wonderful. TED fell in love with some of them while curating its Ads Worth Spreading series. But most of those topped out at three or four minutes.

Kenny Powers Unveils the Fastest Shoe You’ve Ever Seen: K-Swiss Blades

Kenny Powers, the MFCEO of K-Swiss, does his best foul-mouthed Steve Jobs impression—complete with the jeans-and-black-turtleneck look—in this hilarious new video from 72andSunny for K-Swiss Blades, the "fastest shoe you've ever seen." The Eastbound & Down star explains that lots of unusual elements went into development of the Blades—including cheetahs, ballistic missiles and Bruce Lee. Kenny throws a couple dozen F-bombs into his presentation, so throw on some headphones if you're at work. See the previous videos from the series after the jump.

Listen Up, Morons. Kenny Powers Is Now the CEO of K-Swiss

Continuing its ballsy Kenny Powers campaign that started with a Funny or Die video last year, K-Swiss has now promoted Kenny to CEO of the company. And the fictional star of HBO's Eastbound & Down is filling out his management team with a group of real athletes, including NFL stars Matt Cassel and Patrick Willis, MMA champions Jon "Bones" Jones and Urijah Faber, Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels, WWE's Rey Misterio, and Olympic hopeful Josh Cox, to promote K-Swiss Tubes footwear. Kenny encourages his new staff to respect the Tubes, un-weak themselves, and quit not breaking world records. Check out the 5-minute profanity-laced video below, and a bunch more clips after the jump. The real genius is the new K-Swiss Tubes tagline: "Shut up and buy them." OK, it feels a little derivative of Reebok's 2003 Terry Tate spot. But overall the campaign, by 72andsunny, is hilarious.

How scared of Kenny Powers was K-Swiss?

Time's NewsFeed blog has an interview with Danny McBride, aka Kenny Powers, about how the K-Swiss campaign with the obnoxious Eastbound & Down character came to be—in particular, the hilarious […]