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Netflix, CBS and Fox Execs Detail Their Plans for Streaming and Advertising in 2017

This has has been a roller coaster year for the television industry—ratings are falling, the upfront cost per impression is soaring, and there are major questions about the future of TV—which means TV's top executives have a lot to reflect on as they plot for 2017.

How James Murdoch Thinks the Ad Industry Should Innovate

James Murdoch, who took over as CEO of 21st Century Fox in July, doesn't see Netflix as a harbinger of a world without advertising. But he said the ways brands reach consumers through video has to change. 

Why Veteran Exec David Hill Is Leaving 21st Century Fox After 27 Years

The man who brought the constant score and time graphic to sports telecasts and innovations like hockey's glow puck and football's yellow first-down line, is leaving his longtime home at 21st Century Fox. David Hill, who has been with News Corp. since 1988, will leave the company just as the next generation of Murdochs takes over.

Conversation and Celebration

James Murdoch Gives Up News International Post

James Murdoch, who has gone from heir apparent of his father's global media company to one of the central figures of the phone-hacking scandal at Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., has relinquished his position as executive chairman of U.K. publishing unit News International, the company announced.

Hacking ‘Endemic’ at News International

Police have uncovered new evidence showing a wider extent of phone hacking in British newspapers. Lord Justice Leveson's inquiry into media practices and ethics revealed on Monday that “at least” 28 News of the World journalists were involved in phone tapping.

James Murdoch Says Former News Corp. Executives Misled Parliament

James Murdoch has contradicted the testimony of two former News of the World executives who previously countered Murdoch’s own testimony that he did not know about the pervasiveness of phone hacking at the now-defunct newspaper.

Huge Shareholder Protest Vote Against Murdochs

After a brief delay, we've got the final tally of shareholder votes from the News Corp. annual meeting last week, and it may be even more embarrassing for the Murdoch family than initially anticipated. 

The Name Murdoch

It is impossible for the Murdochs to be voted off the board of News Corporation at the company’s annual meeting to be held at the end of the week on the Fox lot in Los Angeles, as several of the most influential shareholder advisor groups have advocated.

News Corp. Board Meeting: Battle in L.A.

This Friday, in a theater tucked away on the Fox Studios lot in Los Angeles, the entire News Corp. board will stand for re-election by shareholders, whose interests each director is tasked with protecting. Only the most zealous and disillusioned are likely to make the trek for the vote—which means things are likely to get ugly.