Jaguar Land Rover

How Jaguar Is Rekindling Its Coolness by Embracing Its Sleek British Roots

When Kim McCullough was a kid, she'd spend her allowance on Matchbox cars and watch in awe as her father, an advertising executive at the legendary DDB, would drive home in a succession of Porsches, Audis, Volkswagens and other client rides.

Executive Kidnapping Fears Trigger BMW’s New Armored SUV for Russia

As the traditional wisdom goes, a brand that prospers is the one that answers the needs of its market. The nimble R&D team at BMW AG proved this maxim at the Moscow International Automobile Salon yesterday, by unveiling armored versions of its X5 SUV.

B-to-B Firm Hopes Facebook-Look-Back-Styled Video Reels In Zuck, Martin and Marissa

Who knows if Eyeview's stunt will work, but credit it for thinking outside the box.

Land Rover’s Personalized Ads System Pulls From 700 Videos

Land Rover's website has been serving personalized 30-second video ads to viewers based on their past clicks, resulting in a 50 percent lift in brand awareness while garnering 53 percent jump in purchase intent, per the British automaker.