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Klout Perks Crosses 1 Million Claims, More Than 400 Campaigns

Nearly three years after Klout launched Klout Perks as its first paid product for brands—letting marketers like Chevy reward influential users with offers like a weekend-long test drive—more than one million Perks have been claimed across over 400 campaigns, the social inf

Google Analytics Adds Conversion Funnel Benchmarking Tool

With marketers all but required to play in multiple digital channels these days, ranging from online display to search to email, they are increasingly likely to have a hard time figuring out which channels to invest in at what point in a consumer’s path to conversion.

Google’s Future Lies in Glass and Fiber, Present Is In Ads

The biggest surprise in Google’s first-quarter earnings was the drop in advertising’s share of non-Motorola Mobility revenue from 96 percent a year ago to 92 percent in the most recent period.

Yahoo Ad Revenue Slides Amid Mobile Gap, Reduced Inventory

Companies typically open their quarterly earnings calls with the disclaimer that current revenue and performance numbers do not necessarily reflect future results. Yahoo may have wanted to repeat that line when it began its first-quarter earnings call on Tuesday, though the sentiment echoed throughout the call.

Marin Software CEO Opens Up After His Company’s Stock Does

Marin Software CEO Chris Lien slept pretty well last night, even though today is arguably the most important day in his company’s seven-year history.

Google Search Exec Questions Facebook Graph Search

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has made a point of stressing that the social network’s Graph Search is not a Web search engine along the lines of Google.

Adobe Borrows From Pinterest in Marketing Cloud Redesign

Pinterest’s ascent last year heralded a new design ethos that spread to many digital properties.

How Google’s Ad Tech Stacks Up

These days online advertising and enterprise software giants like Google, Adobe and AOL are assembling ad tech stacks that span the full spectrum of online ad buying and selling from advertiser to publisher.

Marin Software Positions for First Ad Tech IPO of 2013

Google Enhances AdWords, Possibly Correcting Mobile Ad Rates

During Google’s earnings call last month, CEO Larry Page said he’s not sure when the company's mobile ad rates will equate with its desktop ad rates—or if they will ever even find an equilibrium, Page even suggested that one segment could alwa