9 Huge Digital Trends That Helped Shape 2016’s Triumphs and Struggles

It's been a year of memorable wins and innovation in the digital space, but struggle and malice have also tainted the scene. Here are the nine trends we'll remember from 2016. 

Bacardi and Swizz Beatz Just Created a New Kind of DJ Experience on Instagram

Bacardi today is employing Instagram Stories to let consumers play interactive DJ, representing a truly new kind of musical experience on the 4-month-old feature.

Check Out Twitter’s 10 Buzziest Global Topics of 2016

Twitter today is revealing its top 10 global trending topics of 2016.

What This Ad Agency Hopes to Learn by Living With an Ordinary Family for a Week

David Ogilvy once said, "The customer is not a moron. She's your wife."  It's easy to say, but how many agencies live by the notion that consumers are people we know and love? Italian agency Le Balene is about to find out whether it meets the bar ... and it's looking for someone to join them. 

Canada’s Immigration Site Crashes as Donald Trump Closes In on Victory

Left-leaning American citizens are exploring their options to the north as Donald Trump tonight seems to be closing in on an upset victory over Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. 

How Instagram, Google, Facebook and Other Tech Notables Are Getting Out the Vote

This afternoon, Instagram is sending many of its 100 million U.S. users a reminder to go vote. The mobile app announced today that it built the feature over the weekend, and it's reaching people who allow push notifications on their smartphones.

This Remarkable VR Film About Going Blind Is Hailed as the Format’s Most Empathetic Yet

This summer, the Sundance Film Festival hosted the premiere of Notes on Blindness. It's a film about John Hull, a theologian who spent 16 years chronicling his degenerative blindness in an audio journal before total darkness fell in 1983.  Alongside the film, Agat Films/Ex Nihilo and Audiogaming released "Notes on Blindness: Into Darkness," an immersive VR project that builds on that audio odyssey, and both supplements and promotes the original work. Funded by ARTE, the studios used binaural audio and real-time 3D animation to give people the sense of going blind alongside Hull—a neat juxtaposition to how the National MS Society used VR to help MS patients "relive" certain passions.

This Director Just Schooled Us on 360 Video With an Immersive Short Story for Facebook

Director Alex Smith has created his first-ever 360 video, as part of an ongoing series called "Picture This," a project started by Facebook in partnership with Semi-Permanent, an Australia-based global creative and design thinking platform. And it's one of the most instructive uses of the technology we've seen. 

Heineken Made an HR Campaign That’s as Cool as Any Consumer Ads It’s Done

Oh, the places you'll go! In 2013, Heineken scored a bronze Lion at Cannes with "The Candidate," an internship contest that generated a whopping 1,734 global entries.  Now, the brand is back to recruiting with "Go Places," led by a musical Dr. Seuss-ish video inviting talent to respond to 12 questions, which must be answered in three to five seconds. Based on the Enneagram model, the results give you a personal profile, which must be sent along with your résumé when applying for your Heineken dream gig on LinkedIn. 

The New York Times Just Bought an Agency Focused on Virtual and Augmented Reality

You can't buy me love, but The New York Times just bought Fake Love.