These 10 Toy Brands Are Winning Social Media For The Holidays

What holiday toys generate the best social media buzz? To find out, Brand Chorus analyzed the biggest sellers from online retailers Amazon, Toys "R" Us and Target to create a […]

Disney’s Frozen Coming to Messaging Apps in Sticker Form

Disney's Frozen is coming to messaging apps in sticker form. The animated blockbuster has been merchandised, advertised, digitized—and now there's a licensing deal to bring the characters to apps like BlackBerry Messenger and Kik.

Rewriting Frozen’s Ending

There’s the perfect movie ending—and then there’s How It Should Have Ended.

Frozen’s ‘Honest Trailer’ Captures Everything That Made Viewers Hot and Cold on the Movie

Like many parents, I've been seeing (or at least hearing) a lot of Frozen lately. And while I enjoyed it enough the first time around, the film's odd logic doesn't always hold up under multiple viewings.

Disney’s Frozen Digital Video Hit

The animated hit Frozen was a blockbuster in theaters, and that translates into views for anything Disney princess-related online. Two Frozen-themed videos were at the top of last week’s digital video charts, according to VidIQ’s numbers. The No. 1 online video, with 3.8 million views, featured a slew of real-life Disney princesses singing Frozen songs.

Will Video Game-Toy Hybrids Save the Industry or Eat It?

Until recently, your kid’s brain has been the best place to stage battles between Spider-Man and Skeletor. But technology has made this a brave new world, and digital architects have built a whole new arena. Gaming has come to toy town. 

Disney Music Video From Frozen Aims for Virality

Kids TV and movie brands have a tricky relationship with YouTube. And generally, studios are very careful not to release too much content on the Web from current in-release movies.

Jennifer Lawrence Meets Judi Dench in Adweek’s Movie Trailer Mashup [Video]

As Hunger Games: Catching Fire lights up the box office this weekend, recall 2007's The Golden Compass.

Jennifer Lawrence Meets Judi Dench in this Week’s Trailer Mashup

Hunger Games 2, Delivery Man, Detroit Unleaded, Philomena and Frozen