These Fossil Ads Show How Tasty’s Viral Cooking Videos Are Made

If you've ever wondered how BuzzFeed's popular Tasty videos come together, Fossil's new ads want to show you.

Instagram Husbands Can Finally Put Down the Camera in Fossil’s New Smartwatch Ads

If you're an Instagram husband, you should convince your spouse to get Fossil's smartwatch.

Tech-Savvy Brands Share 4 Vital Tips for Going All in on Wearables

BARCELONA, Spain—Connected devices and the so-called Internet of Things has been a massive theme at this year's Mobile World Congress, particularly in fitness. A quartet of brands today spoke about how they've built platforms and services that cater to specific types of consumers like athletes and fashion trend setters.

R/GA Takes Lead on Fossil’s Social Media Efforts

R/GA has become the first social marketing lead agency for Fossil, the Richardson, Texas-based maker of clothing and accessories.

Intel and Toshiba Peddle Product Placement in Branded Film The Power Inside

Brands have another incentive for crafting compelling content marketing beyond engaging consumers—it might prompt other advertisers to pay to be included. Such was the case with Pereira & O'Dell's latest online Web series for Intel and Toshiba, The Power Inside, which drove a handful of marketers to sign deals for product placement within the branded storyline.