Instagram Husbands Can Finally Put Down the Camera in Fossil’s New Smartwatch Ads

Fun follow-up to viral hit

If you're an Instagram husband, you should convince your spouse to get Fossil's smartwatch. That's what a new ad from 360i argues with a follow-up to last year's viral hit "Instagram Husbands," about the poor souls who are forced to become their wives' social media photographers.

In the two-minute spot, the husbands featured in last year's hit have solved their problem—their wives just have to push a button on the Fossil Q smartwatch to take their own photos. 

"At Fossil we are always looking for new ideas to create fun and engaging content," said Jill Elliott, Fossil's chief creative officer. "While brainstorming ways to get audiences excited about our new Fossil Q Hybrid Smartwatches (which feature an unexpected selfie button), we couldn't help but immediately think about the hilariously clever 'Instagram Husband' parody videos."

Fossil plans to promote the spot via email and social channels like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, noted Elliott. 

"The first video was about how, behind every cute girl on Instagram, there's a guy who has to take a picture," said Jeff Houghton, host of the Springfield, Mo., late-night show The Mystery Hour, which created "Instagram Husbands."

Fossil brought the idea to 360i which pitched it to Houghton. Blend produced the spot. In coming up with a storyline for the video, Houghton explained, "We thought, now that they have this smartwatch, how would these same guys react?"

Elliott added: "We loved the idea of a curious and unexpected storyline as a way to engage with audiences about how they could use our product—what if using our Fossil Q smartwatch freed the 'Instagram Husbands' from taking photos, and they could just be hilarious husbands?" 

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