PayPal Is No Longer Utilizing the Bill Me Later Brand Online

Many people, no doubt, have fond memories of suddenly discovering a new credit option called Bill Me Later at the end of booking a plane ticket to Paris or Pittsburgh back in the early 2000s. I don't have to pay for this now? Awesome!

Here’s How Much Engagement Holiday Retailers Are Getting in Social Media So Far

Since Nov. 1, Origami Logic has been tracking 125 brands across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to gauge the level of engagement holiday-focused marketers are achieving.

Facebook and Other Digital Ad Sellers Saw Double-Digit Gains on Black Friday and Thanksgiving

Digital advertisers spent 17.9 percent more on Black Friday and 13.8 percent more on Thanksgiving compared to last year, according to AdRoll's data. Its findings are based on cross-client numbers from 25,000 customers that have purchased products on hundreds of ad exchanges.

This Online Estate Sale Site Has Digs as Cool as the Virtual Auctions It Hosts

For all those estate sale lovers who have a penchant for, perhaps, a seat from Crosley Field or a set of bronzed baby-shoes bookends, online auction site Everything But The […] Is a Stone’s Throw From Manhattan and Packs Big Personality

No one was surprised when Walmart snatched up burgeoning online retailer for a cool $3.3 billion in early August. The year-old ecommerce site headquartered in Hoboken, N.J., had been […]

Y&R Imagines the Sad Wasteland of All Those Shopping Carts You’ve Abandoned Online

Do you ever abandon an online shopping trip mid-search, only to discover your potential purchases weeks or months later, still languishing in the cart?Online discount code hub RetailMeNot and agency Y&R New York bring that image to life in a new ad called "Carts," one of two new spots aimed at raising awareness of site features beyond promo codes.(UPDATE: Some are saying the "Carts" spot is overly similar to a 2015 campaign for ad tech firm SteelHouse. Details and Y&R's response are below.) Y&R says its mission was "to transform the brand's position from a coupon aggregator to a tool that empowers more confident shoppers," resulting in the "Carts" spot and a brick-and-mortar example called "Handbag." In the second spot, a shopper overcomes her retail-price angst thanks to a discount from RetailMeNot's mobile app.   Check them both out below:

This Health and Wellness Brand’s New York Office Is Totally Zen

Lowe’s New 360-Degree Videos on Facebook Aim to Teach Fans Home Improvement Skills

Lowe's has been notably innovative with digital video for nearly two years now, going back to its Vine campaign called #FixIn6 that won Clio and Cannes Lions awards.

Parents Are Increasingly Using Mobile Devices for Back-to-School Shopping

This year's back-to-school shopping seems to have parents spending more on mobile—and more overall.

Infographic: How Tech-Savvy Shoppers Spend Their Time Online

Each year, Dentsu's out-of-home agency Posterscope conducts its Outdoor Consumer Study that zeroes in on a range of sought-after demographics. Tech-savvy consumers—people who describe themselves as such, love to buy tech gadgets and also give tech-related advice—are among the most coveted.