Deadspin and Jezebel Staff Members Are Writing Each Other’s Stories for April Fools’ Day

It's the first day of April, which means a few things: Baseball season—and by proxy warmer weather—is on the horizon, and brands and other companies will do their best

Q&A: How ESPN’s Michelle Beadle Deals With Twitter Trolls

Specs Age 39 Claim to fame ESPN reporter and co-host of SportsNation (weekdays on ESPN2) Base Los Angeles

For Rising Comedy Star Clark Duke, Tweeting Is Like Drunk-Texting America

Specs Who Clark Duke Age 29

Vice Continues to Grow as It Heads Into Its First NewFronts

Since its humble beginnings as a Montreal-based print publication on news and culture, Vice has mushroomed to 129 million views per month across its platforms, which include online channels, TV shows, its tablet and mobile offerings, and the original magazine (not to mention Vice Music, Film and Books).

Is ESPN Ready to Embrace Big Data?

Nerd convention. Dorkapalooza. Geek heaven. Just a few names that were bandied about last weekend to describe the annual gathering of sports' intellectual cabal at MIT's Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.

Deadspin: An Oral History

It all goes back to Ron Mexico.

Lance and Lennay Week: 5 Brands That Got Hurt

The sports world is on fire. But not the "fire" you associate with a quarterback completing numerous consecutive passes or a baseball team on a long winning streak. More like hellfire, thanks to Lance and Manti. And that's got some big brands in purgatory.

Media Outlets Defend Being Duped by Te’o Hoax

In the frenzy to cover Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o’s triumph over tragedy in his final season as a college football player, reporters failed to pick up on one not-so-minor detail: Te’o’s recently-deceased girlfriend, Lennay Kekua, never actually existed.

10 Great Moments in Web Journalism Besides Deadspin’s Te’o Scoop

Brett Favre’s penis was certainly a big deal, so to speak. But Manti Te'o’s imaginary/made up dead girlfriend has thrust Gawker Media's Deadspin into the spotlight like never before.

In Experiment, Gawker Goes ‘Traffic Whoring’

A.J. Daulerio, the editor of Gawker’s Deadspin who was known for sensational stunts like publishing photos of what it claimed were Brett Favre’s naughty bits, hasn’t shed his unconventional approach now that he’s top editor of the company’s news and gossip flagship.