Consumer Stunts

Burger King Surprised Apartment Hunters With One Whopper of a Kitchen Upgrade

If you're apartment hunting for a three bedroom/two bath/one Burger King, this might be the spot for you.

A Globe-Spanning Gift Was Secretly in Store for This London Bar Packed With Canadians

Wherever you travel around the world, you'll always find Canadians gathering together, sharing stories and racking up an impressive bar tab. But this batch was especially lucky. Last week, Air Canada dropped by "Canada Night" at London's Maple Leaf pub to surprise a bustling crowd of ex-pats with a holiday gift they certainly couldn't have expected. Organized by agency JWT Canada, the stunt took place Nov. 27 and sparked some fantastic, emotional responses from the unsuspecting Canadians who'd gathered together that night. And while these holiday videos often feel staged, everything from the crappy handheld camerawork to the off-key anthem singing make it clear that this one's legit.

Baffled Shoppers Face Obstacles, Elves and Captivity in This Bizarre Discount Store Stunt

Behold! The lowest of the low-budget hidden-camera pranks has been created for discount retailer Ocean State Job Lot, and it is steeped in local commercial magic.

Is Prankvertising Here to Stay? Share Your Take at Today’s #AdweekChat

Few trends have dominated online marketing in recent years on the level of prankvertising and other real-world marketing stunts.

Here’s the Most Adorable Use of Those Personalized Coke Cans and Bottles Yet

When we looked recently at the best/worst uses of the personalized #ShareACoke bottles, many of them were angry, bitter or weird. (My favorite was the Nativity scene that showed up on Reddit).

This Girl’s Facebook Cover Photo Game Is Next Level Genius

Just when we thought Facebook couldn't get any more ordinary, we stumble upon a user who's taken the constraints of the platform and come in like a wrecking ball into its boring blue walls. Facebook user "Nikki," better known as Reddit user rubberdogturds, had some fun with Facebook's cover photos by inserting herself into a slew of famous pop culture images. The results are fantastic, and will probably make you second-guess any social media savvy you may have.  Check out the her entire body of work here, and some of these works of beauty and sheer Photoshop wizardry below. Via Gizmodo.

Mom Gets Burned by Facebook for This Remake of Coppertone’s Classic Ad

Facebook takes its no-nudity policy very seriously—so seriously that one mom found herself banned from the network for 24 hours after posting what she thought was an innocent remake of Coppertone's original tan-line-revealing ad from the 1950s

Waiting in Line Goes From Boring to Brutal in Free-Sample Stunt

How far are people willing to go, physically and emotionally, to get a free sample? Australian agency Clemenger BBDO continues its quest to find out by making consumers work hard (and sometimes look a bit foolish) for free Fantastic Delites rice snacks.

Fashion Mannequins Fall on Hard Times in Homeless Advocacy Campaign

Mannequins usually symbolize the consumer ideal of the "good life," draped in couture and jewelry in department-store window displays. But now they've fallen on hard times in a JWT stunt meant to raise money for Amsterdam's growing homeless population.

Visitors to Creepy Hospital Get the Fright of Their Lives in Horror Movie Prank

The makers of "Lord of Tears," a well-reviewed Scottish indie chiller, definitely ruffled some feathers with a pair of pranks that brought the film's evil "Owlman" into real life. In the first and less elaborate stunt, Owlman popped up on Chatroulette, where he set some teeth chattering with fear, though most users just seemed amused. (By Chatroulette standards, he's actually not so bad.) More recently, though, the beaked beastie nested in an an abandoned children's hospital that's reportedly a favorite haunt of sightseers and photographers. "Lord of Tears'" director Lawrie Brewster explains: "Whenever we got a heads up somebody was heading this way … we would get our hidden cameras ready to record what happened when they encountered our Owlman lurking inside. We did not expect the reactions we filmed, and had to cut short the second prank as our victim became too distressed. He was eventually fine in the end and even had a cup of tea with us!" "Distressed" is putting it mildly. Some hospital explorers seem ready for the psych ward after encountering the Owlman in the building's dilapidated halls.  Some will insist the prank was faked, and indeed a cursory search of Google turns up no mentions of an abandoned St. Mary's Children's Hospital, which seems odd if it's such a popular destination. (There is, however, an abandoned St. Mary's asylum in Stannington.) And of course the reactions are almost too perfect. Regardless, the video has proven scary popular, generating almost 1 million views in a few days and lots of buzz for a relatively small film. So I'd call Owlman's latest flight a wise move indeed.