Is Prankvertising Here to Stay? Share Your Take at Today’s #AdweekChat

Twitter chat begins at 2 p.m. ET

Few trends have dominated online marketing in recent years on the level of prankvertising and other real-world marketing stunts.

Whether they're terrifying innocent passers-by or rewarding the lucky few with glamorous prizes, viral stunts (like the recent Tim Hortons blackout shown above) have garnered millions of views and some of the industry's top awards. But pranks and stunts that play on people's emotions also spark plenty of debate among marketers and viewers.

Are they real? Are they cruel? Are they effective?

Join us this afternoon for #adweekchat on Twitter as we tackle these questions and many others. We'll also revisit a few of the more notable and questionable examples of viral stunts that built big buzz for brands.

How to take part in #adweekchat:

1. Make sure you're following @Adweek on Twitter.

2. Log in to Twitter around 2 p.m. ET (11 a.m. PT) on Wednesday.

3. Watch for questions being posted by @Adweek and jump in with your own responses. Use the #adweekchat hashtag in each post so you'll be part of the conversation.

Hope to see you then.

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