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Why CES Is a Key Incubator for Marketing Execs

CES has become the place for companies to showcase new, innovative and promising technology.

Need Some New Digs? Coldwell Banker Has Put the X-Men’s X-Mansion Up for Sale

In advance of the X-Men: Apocalypse release next month, and in partnership with 20th Century Fox, Coldwell Banker has created a fun, fictional listing for the X-Men's X-Mansion.Retailing for a mere $75,850,000, the house includes 24 bedrooms, a private lake, a basketball court and health spa, an indoor jet hangar, and—for you smart home tech-junkies out there—an "underground R&D lab with a fully functioning power amplification device" (better known as Cerebro).But that's far from everything."Featuring three lavish stories, in addition to a main basement and two sub-basements, this property is built to survive even the most catastrophic apocalypse," the ad reads.

L.A. Agency Siltanen & Partners Uses Its Creative to Drive Business Results

Specs Who (L. to r.) Partner and co-creative director Joe Hemp; CEO and CCO Rob Siltanen; and partner and president Tim Murphy What Full-service ad agency Where El Segundo, Calif.

CNET Bought a House in Kentucky to Test Smart-Home Gadgets of the Future

Today CNET is launching a smart home in Louisville, Ky., where its editorial team can see how the homes of tomorrow will function—like a test kitchen for the Internet of Things.

Coldwell Banker Lets MLB Fans Peek Into Players’ Homes

Major League Baseball fans who want a more intimate look at players' lives can now digitally tour their homes, courtesy of a new video series presented by Coldwell Banker and called Coldwell Banker Home Field Advantage. The somewhat fresh spin on the voyeristic MTV Cribs debuted today.

Ellen’s Selfie Scores Oscar Gold for Samsung

When Oscars host Ellen DeGeneres snapped that epic selfie with the Samsung Galaxy Note during last night's ceremony, it effectively snagged "Best Picture"—among marketers, that is.

Blue Chippers Return to the Red Carpet

While two of the biggest advertisers have rotated out of ABC’s Academy Awards broadcast, many more blue-chip sponsors are returning to the Red Carpet.