20 Stars and Influencers Who Radiate Creativity and Get Everyone Talking

What would you do with fame, if you had it? Would you simply enjoy all the perks and pay that come with it, or would you use it as a launching pad for your creative passions?

CBS’s Hamilton Promo for the Tony Awards Is One of the Best 360° Videos Ever

Sure, we've all been seeing and hearing a lot from Hamilton, the hottest musical in years, but here's a video that puts other clips to shame.CBS' Facebook promo for Sunday's 70th Tony Awards uses 360-degree video to put you right on stage as the Hamilton cast rehearses a song. Technically it's just part of a song—an a cappella snippet of "Wait for It"—but it's  still downright incredible.Most 360 videos rely on scenic backdrops or action, but this one tones things down and lets you just enjoy looking around at an unbelievably talented cast that most of us would be damn lucky to even see from the nose-bleed seats.Check it out below, and be sure to drag the video around with your mouse or finger to make the most of it:

For This N.Y. Shop, Selling Broadway Shows Is Anything but Traditional

Specs Who (Front to back) ecd Bashan Aquart, managing partner Elizabeth Furze, content director Jamaal Parham and managing partner Scott Moore What Full-service entertainment marketing agency

These Subtly Animated Posters for Disney’s Into the Woods Are Creepily Compelling

Animated posters for movies? Sounds annoying. Wait, subtly animated posters? Now you have my attention.Disney's cinema adaptation of the Broadway musical Into the Woods is being teased with a series of animated portraits that do a good job setting the mood for a dark fairy tale. In most of the GIFs, the only movement is in the form of shifting shadows and reflected moonlight. Subtle animation is quite a creative trend these days, so it's not like Disney's marketing team invented the idea. But it's still a great example of when form and function work well together.Check them all out below, via Disney Insider.

Amazing Data From Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart’s Social Bromance

If anyone has had more fun promoting a Broadway production than Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, it must have included a hearty diet of adult beverages and illegal drugs.