Arrested Development

FXX Launches to Big Ratings Gains

FXX went live Monday at 7 a.m. EDT, and it’s already quite a bit more popular than precursor Fox Soccer Channel.

Netflix Shares Fall as Q2 Subscriber Numbers Disappoint

Shares of Netflix fell in after-hours trading Monday as the company’s strong second-quarter revenue performance was undermined by somewhat underwhelming subscriber growth.

The Genius Who Produces ‘Pure’ Television

For reasons that are not immediately apparent, the girl with the vodka tonic is taking pictures of the actress on the Embassy Row TV monitor, even though the real thing is, at this very moment, perched on a chair inside the studio that lies just on the other side of the wall.

On the Set of Mad Men, Everyone Plays Cribbage

Who Kevin Rahm Age 42

Arrested Development Outbuzzing House of Cards

The specter of House of Cards, the breakout Netflix series, hung over the NewFronts a few weeks ago. In fact, its arguable as to whether the show did more harm than good for the industry, since it radically elevated the expectation of what a "Web series" can be (since it’s really just a $100 million TV show that HBO didn’t produce; its delivery is digital). It’s hardly fair to compare HOC to anything AOL and Crackle are cranking out, at least currently.But while the buzz for HOC was intense (as was the chatter among the members of the digital ad industry and digital press regarding the show), it’s nothing compared to Arrested Development, the other Web show Netflix is rolling out—this weekend, in fact.

Original Series Help Netflix Turn a Tidy Profit

Following its first foray into original programming, Netflix put up first-quarter numbers that exceeded Wall Street’s expectations.

Netflix Hiding Easter Eggs on Its Site for Season 4 of Arrested Development

Netflix is subtly seeding some sly marketing on its website to promote the 14 new episodes of Arrested Development it produced.

Cross at the Crossroads

David Cross has a lot going on these days.

Mitch Hurwitz: ‘Arrested Development’ Movie and Episodes in the Works

It’s been five long years since Fox’s cult hit Arrested Development ended its three-season run by reassuring brokenhearted fans with the promise of a movie. But since then, the movie has turned into a running joke, with the show’s cast and producers constantly hinting that the feature was in the works, without ever giving a solid update.