Annoying Orange

First Mover: Amanda Goodfried

Specs Age 33 New gig Chief marketing officer, DanceOn Old gig Senior manager of digital content, Disney Interactive Entertainment

The Collective Scores With Video Game High

A teen drama centered on privileged high school athletes is starting to develop a serious cult following on the Web. But this show is a long way from Friday Night Lights.

The Surprising Rise of ‘Annoying Orange’

If you’re over the age of, say, 16, you may never have heard of an Internet series called Annoying Orange. To be fair, you’re not likely to be the target audience of the show’s brand of unyieldingly irritating comedy (officially, the key demo is viewers 13-34).

Angry Birds to Get ‘Annoying’ Friend

Angry Birds, the cute game turned burgeoning brand, is proving that there is money to be made in the real world for inexplicable virtual sensations. Creators of the hit Web series "The Annoying Orange" have been paying attention.