An Idea For Facebook’s Auto-Play Video Ads On Mobile: Tilt To View

By Justin Lafferty 

As Facebook is rumored to be working on 15-second video ads that would start automatically (it’s still unclear whether audio will accompany these ads), user response has been overwhelmingly negative. But one video-animation firm thinks that there’s a way that the social network can serve video ads on mobile devices without disrupting the user experience. Derek Merdinyan, founder of Video Igniter, thinks that a photo-based ad unit where users turn the phone landscape-style to view a video could be a way for Facebook to make video ads work somewhat peacefully.

Merdinyan told AllFacebook the basic idea is to have an ad unit that already exists (a photo post), but make it easy to innovate with video. By including some kind of call to action, brands could tell users and fans to tilt the screen horizontally to view the video ad. This would be a compromise: allowing pages to post quasi-auto-play videos, but still giving users the feeling that they can opt-in to watching.

Merdinyan talked with AllFacebook about this idea:

The basic idea was to go from the images that are being used in the news feed and use that as an ad format. If somebody wants to learn more information about whatever the marketing offer is, turning the phone 90 degrees turns that photo into a video that’s about 15 seconds. That way it doesn’t have the annoying auto-play and it allows people to choose when they want to engage.

Here’s a video showing the tilt-to-view ad format:

Readers: What do you think of this idea?