STUDY: Luxury Brands Lap Facebook Automobile Field

By David Cohen 

Just because Facebook users may not necessarily be able to afford something, that doesn’t mean they won’t like the brand’s Facebook page. Analytics provider Socialbakers reports that luxury brands still account for eight of the top 10 automobile brands on Facebook in terms of likes, with BMW topping the field at 13,554,778.

However, the fastest-growing brands buck that trend, as Socialbakers pegged Fiat, Nissan, and Renault as brands with their feet on the accelerator.

Two of Socialbakers’ top three in terms of post engagement rates were not luxury brands, either: Abarth (Fiat), Mini (Indonesia), and Alfa Romeo (Japan).

Socialbakers pointed out that the percentage of millennials purchasing new cars dropped to 22 percent in 2011 from 29 percent in 2007, and CEO Jan Rezab added of the dominance of luxury brands:

It could also mean the economy is easing, with Porsche and Lamborghini also in the top 10.

Readers: Do you follow any carmakers on Facebook?

BMW image courtesy of Shutterstock.