Facebook Halting Device-Level Reporting for Mobile App Ads

By David Cohen Comment


Facebook began alerting advertisers last week that they will no longer receive data on device IDs from Mobile Measurement Partners for their mobile application ads.

A SocialTimes reader shared the following email they received from Facebook:

People use multiple devices and are constantly switching between them throughout the day. This activity is becoming more prevalent, with Facebook now accessed the most through mobile devices. As the trend continues, we believe people-based measurement — focusing on audiences instead of devices — is the foundation for determining advertising effectiveness across all of digital. As a result, we are changing reporting for mobile app ads to make them consistent with the rest of Facebook ads.

Specifically, this means Mobile Measurement Partners will no longer be able to provide device-level reporting for Facebook mobile app ads. MMPs will be able to report down to the ad level for Facebook mobile app ads, in line with how we report performance for all other Facebook ads.

Beginning May 20, new advertisers will not be able to get device level reporting from MMPs. On Aug. 20, the change will go into effect for all advertisers.

Our recommended solution for measuring the impact of your Facebook mobile app ads is to continue to use an MMP and Facebook Analytics for Apps. We will continue to work closely with all of our measurement partners and you can rely on them for cross-network mobile app ad attribution and LTV (lifetime value) measurement across Facebook and other ad networks.

The reader added:

This is huge news for anyone who advertises apps on Facebook as it essentially kills the ability to measure and understand ROI (return on investment) internally. Developers and publishers must now rely on Facebook’s measurement and analytics.

Readers: What do you think of this change being introduced by Facebook?

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