UPDATED: Different Kinds Of Facebook Ads May Come To Your News Feed

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook has tried to monetize individual users by asking if they’d pay a few bucks to promote their posts so they can reach more friends. Now, according to a story in The Daily, Facebook is reportedly testing a model where users can pay a small fee to have classified ads in users’ news feeds. While the company confirmed to AllFacebook that the site is testing different ways to put ads in news feeds, it added that they will definitely not be classified ads.

According to The Daily, two sources within Facebook, who asked to remain anonymous, said that this is something the company is trying. The online newspaper claimed that users would soon be able to place classified ads for jobs, furniture, and housing without breaking the bank. For instance, if a user wanted to sell a couch, he or she could pay a little bit (less than $5) for a news feed ad.

However, a Facebook spokesperson emailed AllFacebook Thursday saying that the site is not testing classified ads for users:

Facebook is not working on a product like the one you describe.

Sister site Inside Facebook discovered that users may also start seeing ads from pages they haven’t liked yet, but might be interested in. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed that the site is trying out some different types of ads:

We are currently running a small test that makes other ad units eligible to appear in news feed. This is just a test; we have no further details to share at this time.

The Daily wrote that classified ads where users were trying to sell something would come at a small charge, whereas ads for housing would be free and allow users to tag friends who might be interested. Users would be able to share job opportunities with friends who may be interested. The job ads would be targeted, as well. If one of the requirements is a specific type of degree, only users with that kind of degree would be able to see it.

Inside Facebook also wrote about Facebook’s testing of new kinds of ads. Currently, users see sponsored stories based on what their friends have liked. For instance, many users right now are seeing sponsored stories such as “(friend) and 15 other friends like Mitt Romney,” along with a post from Romney’s Facebook page. But soon, people might see ads of Facebook pages that they haven’t liked, but might be interested in.

Facebook tested something similar in August.

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