Online Ad Platform Marin Software Adds More Facebook-Centric Features

By David Cohen 

Online advertising-management platform Marin Software rolled out a host of new features Tuesday aimed at enabling brands to boost their returns on investment on Facebook.

Marin’s new Facebook-centric features are:

  • Facebook Campaign Wizard: Brands can create Facebook campaigns at scale and avoid delivering the same ads to the same users repeatedly. Page administrators can vary headline text, images, and targets to create multiple ads in all Facebook formats.
  • Creative Rotation optimization and reporting: Brands can rotate ad units at the campaign level, regardless of ad type, enabling them to rotate creative within a single ad type or across different ones, and eliminating the manual task of identifying the best-performing ads within campaigns.
  • Bidding enhancements: Marin’s patented bidding algorithm enables marketers to maximize any financial or social metric at any cost efficiency threshold, lowering costs and boosting performance.
  • Single-interface view of results: Page administrators can see the complete picture of their results on the social network via a single interface, with Marin tracking attribution and detailing financial and social objectives. Online and offline revenue from any source can be integrated.

Marin CEO Chris Lien said:

Facebook ranks as one of the top destinations on the Internet and offers advertisers numerous opportunities to target and engage consumers. The key to maximizing revenue through Facebook ads is to find the right mix of ad types, content, bids, and audience. Through Marin Software’s platform, Facebook advertisers gain a complete work-flow, analysis, and optimization solution.