Kenshoo Expands Support for Facebook Audience Network

By David Cohen Comment

FacebookAudienceNetworkAdTypes650Kenshoo, a Facebook Marketing Partner, announced expanded support for Facebook Audience Network.

According to Kenshoo, users of its marketing software can now incorporate Facebook’s ad-targeting capabilities, including custom audiences and lookalike audiences, as well as Kenshoo’s proprietary search-intent targeting.

Kenshoo senior vice president of product Will Martin-Gill said in a release announcing the update:

One of the biggest challenges advertisers face today is how to reach customers on their mobile devices. The lack of cookies and a unified way to track on mobile applications means traditional audience targeting methods don’t apply. Expanding support for Facebook Audience Network within the Kenshoo Infinity Suite strengthens marketers’ ability to connect and convert across devices, boosts mobile advertising performance and delivers a more complete picture of customer lifetime value.