Facebook Testing ‘Find Customers’ Tool For Uploading Email Lists From Constant Contact, MailChimp, Excel To Ads Manager

By David Cohen 

Facebook is testing a “Find Customers” tool in its Ads Manager that allows page administrators to import their email lists from Constant Contact and MailChimp, or to upload their own .CSV files from Excel.

Israel-based reader Or Fialkov discovered the Find Customers tool and shared the following descriptions of its functions and screenshots with AllFacebook.

And a Facebook spokesperson confirmed the test of the product to AllFacebook, saying:

We’re currently testing this feature. We’ll keep you posted as updates warrant.

Here’s how it works, according to Fialkov, who added that he no longer has access to the feature (UPDATED: Fialkov emailed over the weekend to say access was restored):

When users in Ads Manager access the “Choose Your Audience” menu and select “New Customer List,” the Find Customers screen pops up, giving them the options described above.

If users opt for Excel files in .CSV format, they can upload and name their lists.

Those who opt for MailChimp can sign into their MailChimp accounts and select and upload their lists.

The process works the same way for Constant Contact.

Marketers on Facebook: Would you like to see this test become a full-fledged Facebook offering?