Facebook Exchange Is Out Of Beta

By David Cohen 

Facebook formally announced Thursday that its Facebook Exchange real-time-bidding ad-purchase platform is out of beta, and the social network began allowing its FBX partners to release results they have achieved via the platform.

Among FBX partners that shared their results Thursday:

  • AdRoll reported a return on investment of 16 times for its clients using FBX ads (via TechCrunch).
  • DataXu did not release specific data, but Co-Founder and CEO Mike Baker said, “The initial results we’ve seen in customer campaigns are very positive, particularly around customer-acquisition efforts. FBX fundamentally changes the digital marketing game. It enables brands to win with data by using their own proprietary data and analytics to get even more value from Facebook’s large, engaged Internet audience. This is a milestone for brands: They can gain market share by leapfrogging competitors by extending highly targeted advertising to Facebook Exchange.”
  • Nanigans did not release specific data, but CEO Ric Calvillo said of the official launch of FBX, “Having measured Facebook audience monetization and lifetime value for more than two years, including specifically for retargeting efforts, Nanigans has a deep understanding of how marketers can maximize the efficiency of their ad spend through Facebook Exchange. We’re excited to participate in this enhancement to Facebook’s advertising ecosystem, both in delivering higher conversion rates for marketers and creating a more relevant advertising experience for Facebook users.”
  • Optim.al announced the release of its Optim.al version 3.0, which supports FBX, and Founder and CEO Rob Leathern said, “Getting your truly valuable customers and brand advocates to engage with your brand in the Facebook social environment means that an authentic customer’s voice can be magnified 200 times via paid media. This should be a major priority for every chief marketing officer when they think about customer-relationship management and customer segmentation. Optim.al recently helped a major financial services company double its fan base in two weeks, at a lower cost-per-fan than they had ever achieved before.”
  • TellApart said its clients averaged user click-through rates of 6.65 percent on FBX ads, compared with 6.41 percent on the Google AdX.
  • Triggit said its FBX ads saw four times more profit that those via traditional ad exchanges, post-click conversion rates were 2.2 times higher, and its cost per click was 6.5 times lower (via TechCrunch).
  • Turn did not release specific data, but the company said in a press release that it has powered more than 50 FBX campaigns since the platform’s beta launch in June, adding that its agency clients leveraging FBX include Amnet, Mediabrands Audience Platform, Accuen, and VivaKi.

Facebook Exchange Product Marketing Manager Scott Shapiro said in a post on Facebook Studio announcing the official launch of FBX:

Facebook Exchange allows marketers to use their own real-time consumer-insight data to reach an audience on Facebook. Facebook represents a large portion of display ad inventory on the Web — more than 25 percent, according to a recent ComScore study — so this is a significant opportunity for advertisers using demand-side platforms to extend the same strategies that are working for them on other display exchanges to Facebook. The only ad format available on Facebook Exchange is our Facebook standard ad, so you can really think of this as display.

Facebook Exchange is perfect when the objective is a conversion outside Facebook and the data used to drive that objective exists outside Facebook. When brand goals like increasing awareness and favorability are the objective, Facebook’s native tools are usually a better fit, because they work with all of our social formats and placements, in addition to fan targeting.

Screen shots of FBX ads courtesy of TellApart.