Facebook Updates API To Incorporate Replies

By David Cohen 

Facebook updated its application-programming interface for developers, allowing them to incorporate the social network’s new replies feature and giving brands the opportunity to monitor and respond to replies to comments.

Facebook stated earlier that replies will be turned on for all pages by July 10, but developers wishing to get a jump can opt into the social network’s July 2013 breaking changes migration for their applications via the advanced tabs on their app dashboards.

More details were offered in a post on Facebook’s developer blog:

Last week, we launched comment replies on Facebook pages and profiles with more than 10,000 followers. This allows businesses and celebrities to engage with their fans more directly. Today, we’re updating the API so developers can build tools that make it easier for brands to monitor and respond to comment replies.

Our API now supports different “views” of the comments on posts through our updated comments API and FQL comment table.

The first view of the comments on a post is called “top level.” The comments that are on the post (and are not replies to individual comments) are called “top-level comments.” Top-level comments may be ranked, depending on the post and the number of top-level comments on that post so far.

Comments on comments are called “replies.” You get replies by querying for the comments on a comment ID.

Another view of the comments on a post is the “stream.” The comments stream gives all comments (top-level and replies to comments) together. The stream view provides comments in chronological order, so it’s easy for you to just get what’s new.

Please read the documentation for details on how to use these new features and the Roadmap for details on the API changes.

Developers: Are you anxious to start working with replies?