7 Things to Keep in Mind When Creating Facebook Carousel Ads

By David Cohen Comment


Facebook’s carousel ad format has been popular among its advertisers, and the social network shared seven tips for brands looking to tap into carousel ads.

The seven tips from Facebook were:

  1. Tell a story: Rather than simply sharing multiple product images, think about “linking images together in a panorama to share a bigger story.”
  2. Use thumb-stopping creative: Remember that the main image or video is the first thing Facebook users see.
  3. Imply continuation: Use images that tease users into feeling the “need to complete” viewing the ad.
  4. Develop creative consistency: Facebook suggests making sure that every image within a carousel ads shares similar visual styles, including lighting, colors and composition.
  5. Don’t forget the copy: While Facebook as a whole and carousel ads in particular are a visual medium, text is important, too.
  6. Demonstrate brand identity: Brand identity should be part of the visual execution for the ads, and more so for smaller brands.
  7. Get people to act: Include prominent calls to action.

More details on these tips are available in a Facebook for Business post, which also contained links to industry-specific best practices for carousel ads for the following sectors:

Facebook advertisers: Have you tried carousel ads? What have your experiences been like?