Facebook Announces 100% In-View Ad Impressions, Moat Measurement

By David Cohen Comment


Facebook took steps to give brands more clarity into how their ad campaigns are performing, announcing a new buying option for 100 percent in-view impressions, as well as a video ads measurement partnership with Moat.

Both new options will be available soon, according to Facebook.

The social network defined 100 percent in-view impressions as impressions when the entire ad has appeared on users’ screens on News Feed, and it elaborated in a Facebook for Business post:

While it remains our belief that value is created for an advertiser as soon as an ad is in view, we also believe in offering advertisers control and flexibility over how they run their ads. So to give advertisers more choice and control, we’re introducing a new buying option that allows advertisers to purchase 100 percent in-view impressions on Facebook.

This new buying option will be available for every type of ad delivered in News Feed, including text, photo, link and video ads.

Facebook also announced that it was integrating technology from Moat in order to allow advertisers to better verify video ad views and view lengths, adding in the Facebook for Business post:

To start, our partnership with Moat will focus on verifying video ad metrics. We plan to scale Moat verification to include all other types of News Feed ads, including 100 percent in-view impressions, and the Instagram platform.


Moat co-founder and CEO Jonah Goodhart said in the Facebook for Business post:

We are proud to partner with Facebook. Facebook has always taken a lead in providing third-party measurement solutions. By partnering with Moat, Facebook is giving advertisers the choice and certainty they want and need to make key decisions about their investment on Facebook.

Unilever chief marketing and communications officer Keith Weed added:

Our position on this has been clear for some time: We need to get standards that help define viewability across different platforms and publishers, and those standards need to be third-party-verified. It is very encouraging to see Facebook joining the ranks of digital media partners that are setting themselves apart, and this commitment continues the momentum. Our hope is that these steps will lead ultimately to 100 percent viewability through third-party verification across the industry.

And GroupM Worldwide chief digital officer Rob Norman said:

What we want is quite simple: Ads that are actually seen by real people. We want viewability standards across clients and publishers that honor that position, and we want publishers to be held accountable by independent third parties. We’re very encouraged that Facebook is partnering with Moat as a third-party verified solution. We remain committed to view duration, as well as verification of appearance of the ad in the viewable window, and we hope that all sellers will recognize and align on an appropriate measurement standard. Facebook’s scale moves the industry one step closer to the standards we’ve been seeking.

Advertisers: What are your thoughts on the two announcements by Facebook?