Writer’s transcontinental trek gets high tech


After a nasty spill literally wrecked her first attempt at cycling across America, copywriter Janeen McCrae is back on the road—and this time, she's got a bionic bike. New York agency Breakfast has tricked out McCrae's ride, Precious, with sensors that can track everything from direction and speed to humidity and temperature. Buttons on the handlebars also allow McCrae to track vital stats like the amount of angry dogs and roadkill she passes. As of day 11 of this second cross-continent attempt, she's averaging an impressive 51 miles and 3.3 critter carcasses per day. You can read more about the tech behind the project on Breakfast's blog and follow Precious on Twitter. Of course, if you're interested in the actual human who's making this grueling trek atop her cybernetic steed, you can follow her, too.