The World’s Most Eligible Bachelor on Tinder Is Literally the Last of His Kind

Ogilvy seeks a mate for the only Northern White Rhino left

Meet the “World’s Most Eligible Bachelor.” He’s 43 years old, has a 90,000-acre home and military-trained security. His name is Sudan.

He’s the last male Northern White Rhino in existence.

Alongside Ogilvy Africa and in partnership with Ogilvy North America, Kenya’s Ol Pejeta Conservancy has put Sudan on Tinder, in a campaign that spans 190 countries and 40 languages. (The wider you spread the net, the more likely you’ll be to find love, right?)

Sudan can’t mate naturally. To help him successfully breed with Southern White Rhino surrogates, the conservancy needs funding for research into artificial reproductive techniques, like IVF, for rhinos.

When single ladies (or dudes) swipe right on Sudan—whom some publications cringingly call a “horny” bachelor—they can donate to his cause through a link sent in Tinder’s messaging function.

Ogilvy’s goal was to skirt the overbearing tone of typical conservation campaigns while finding a fun, new way to use social platforms. While this is hardly the first use of Tinder in a marketing capacity, it may well be among the most worthy.

Plus, if Sudan actually doesn’t find love, we may never see another like him ever again. While “You’ll never find another like me!” isn’t much more imaginative than rehashing Aziz Ansari’s inspired “Whole Foods” line, our rhino has an advantage over other bachelors: It’s simply the truth.

The campaign is supported with film, online, radio and print executions. Check one of the prints out below. Click to enlarge. Ogilvy tells us the late Chris Wall oversaw the writing on the campaign, working with copywriter Alemu Emuron.

Creative Team
Joao Espirito Santo – Regional Creative Director – Ogilvy Africa
Alemu Emuron – Group Creative Director – Ogilvy Africa
Maxwell Ngari – Group Creative Director – Ogilvy Africa
Kwame Nyong’o – Creative Partner – Ogilvy Africa
Shashank Jha – Group Creative Director – Ogilvy Africa
Robert Osano – Creative Partner – Ogilvy Africa
Chris Wall – Vice-Chairman Ogilvy North America
Sid Tomkins – Worldwide Design Director – Ogilvy & Mather
Peter Hahn – Designer – Ogilvy & Mather

Production Team
Sean Peevers, Sound Engineer – Super Sonic Africa
Thomas Kalume, Producer – Super Sonic Africa
Muna Chuba, Project Manager – Super Sonic Africa

Richard Vigne – CEO – Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Agnes Gomes-Koizumi – Director of International Communications – Tinder

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