Tabasco Sauce Makes Your Pizza Really Sing

Apparently, I've never tried Tabasco on pizza, because I'm pretty sure I'd remember if small faces had erupted from the pepperoni and started singing like a barbershop quartet. That's what happens in this bizarre spot from TracyLocke in Dallas. The guys call themselves the Pepperonis, and they're heating up just as the weather cools down. Over at the Web site, you can even download MP3s of the group harmonizing on some reworked holiday classics. It's nice to see Tabasco getting quirky and pushing the "So much more than hot" theme, especially since you can find about 100 spicier sauces at the store. But there's something undeniably creepy about the commercial. Maybe it's the subtle mix of flavors, like a hint of Naked Lunch with a dash of Nightmare on Elm Street. Or maybe it's that the Pepperonis look just like the swollen lesion from this Australian cancer PSA.

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