Starcom, ANA trying to stamp out ad jargon


As a reporter, I'm on the receiving end of a seemingly endless string of idiotic buzzwords. Every industry has them, presumably as a way to separate insiders from interlopers. Or is it that people want to sound smart without doing the hard work of thinking? Whatever the case, the fight for using plain English has a long history. Starcom and the Association of National Advertisers are taking aim in the ad world with an out-of-the-box Facebook campaign that leverages the industry's over-reliance on made-up words it mistakenly believes are impactful. A video spot gives an action item to stakeholders to ideate their own annoying catchphrases with the idea it will push the envelope and build best practices. The crowdsourced learnings will be unveiled at the ANA's annual conference next month. On the surface, this is a definite win-win-win, but I have to wonder if the ANA and Starcom are trying to boil the ocean.