Star Trek franchise hails JJ Abrams as its new captain

StartrekIt has not yet been cast, but it’s been announced that JJ Abrams, the director of Lost and Mission: Impossible III, has been handed the Star Trek franchise and will make the 11th—yes, 11th!—film in the series. It’s a prequel, showing how Spock and Kirk met in space school or wherever they studied. I don’t think in their current conditions that Leonard Nimoy or William Shatner could reprise their roles as their young selves. Plus, they’re too busy hawking Aleve and Priceline. Let’s hope Abrams can turn this ship around. According to The Guardian, which says Abrams “boldly goes where 10 films have gone before,” the Enterprise’s previous outing, 2002’s Star Trek: Nemesis, grossed $43 million, lower than any other film in the series. If Abrams wants women in the audience, I suggest more of Patrick Stewart.

—Posted by Celeste Ward