Spy on the undressed one-testicle Canadian


I really didn't expect to spend my free time last night watching a pale, chubby Canadian guy lounge around in his underwear, but I did it anyway. For charity. Underwear brand Stanfield's is sponsoring a 25-day cancer fundraiser called "The Guy at Home in His Underwear." As the name suggests, Toronto native and testicular-cancer survivor Mark will spend 25 days cooking, cleaning, exercising and watching hockey in his sponsor-supplied underpants. He's currently on day 3. Each "Like" the project gets on Facebook will be worth $1 from Stanfield's for the Canadian Cancer Society, if the site reaches its goal of 25,000 Likes. Odds of success seem good, with glowing press coverage right out of the gate and more than 9,300 Likes by the end of day 2. So, if you hate cancer or just like watching guys with one puck in the net, head over to Mark's live-streamed apartment and do your part to save men's parts.