Seamless Is Back With More Witty Poster Ads That New Yorkers Are Going to Love

Plus, an amusing spot from BBH

When you've lived in New York City for a while, you develop a certain impatience for, well, a lot of things. Selfie sticks, slow-walking people, Times Square, slow-walking people in Times Square, subway delays and closures, hour-long waits for brunch. The list goes on.

At the center of all the pain and annoyance is one guiding light—food delivery service Seamless. It's a staple to many New Yorkers, and the brand's latest ads from BBH New York aim to show just how important it is to the city—and how much it understands your New York-related struggles. 

The new campaign is a continuation of the agency's previous work for the brand's "How New York Eats" campaign and includes some clever new out-of-home work as well as a 30-second spot, "Skyscraper," which imagines what a classic New York City image would have looked like if Seamless had been around then.

In terms of the OOH work, it's similar to the last batch.

The campaign taps into New York City culture perfectly—from crazy-expensive rent to annoyance with loud people in restaurants—in an effort to reach its target audience, ambitious New York City professionals who are both hungry and impatient.

Outside of capturing the always-going spirit of the city, BBH takes things a step further by creating an ad around the looming L train closure. "The L train may shut down. We won't," the ad reads. So, if you live in Williamsburg, your commute may soon really suck, but at least you can get delicious food to sooth your soul at the end of a long day.

Check out more of the new outdoor work below. 

Client: Seamless
Barbara Martin Coppola, Chief Marketing Officer, Grubhub
Sarah Epstein, Senior Marketing Manager, Grubhub
Jamie Feldheim, Senior Creative Director, Grubhub

Daniel Bonder, Creative Director, BBH
Dave Brown, Creative Director, BBH
John Patroulis, Creative Chairman, BBH
Ari Weiss, Chief Creative Officer, BBH
Taylor Marsh, Creative, BBH
Alexandra Sobiecki, Creative, BBH
Bruno Borges, Head of Design, BBH
David Garcia, Designer, BBH
Alex Monger, Account Director, BBH
Christina Carter, Senior Producer, BBH
Rachel Freed, Producer, BBH
Leigh Ann Dykes, Producer, BBH
Enrique Espinetti, Account Manager, BBH
Casey Schweikert, Creative, BBH
Liz Loudy, Creative, BBH

Production Company: Smuggler
Director: Randy Krallman
Executive Producers: Patrick Milling Smith, Brian Carmody, Shannon Jones
Head of Production: Andrew Colon
Line Producer: Ian Blaine
Director of Photography: Jeff Kim

Editorial Company: Cut + Run
Editor: Robert Ryang
Assistant Editor: Beau Dickson
Executive Producer:  Rana Martin
Producer: Amy Lazarus

Visual Effects: Method Studios and CO3
Senior Colorist: Tom Poole
Flame Artist: Steve Morris
VFX Supervisor: Randie Swanberg
VFX Supervising Producer: David Derwin

Audio House: Heardcity
Mixer: Cory Melious

Music/Sound Design: Ring The Alarm