Razorfish takes another shot at TV with Axe


Axe is launching a new product line, Axe Music, with a series of mystery concerts. One interesting element of the campaign is the agency Unilever chose to make the TV spot: Razorfish. It's a sign of the topsy-turvy world of advertising that shops known for their Web-design acumen are moving into TV. (Obviously the same is true for brand agencies moving more deeply into digital.) R/GA has dipped its toes into these waters for Ameriprise, and so has Razorfish with a campaign last year for All. The Axe spot, which breaks Monday, is fairly standard fare of concert footage and bumping-and-grinding fans. It's unlikely to be in the mix at Cannes. It will be interesting to see whether platform experts like Razorfish and R/GA can add a compelling body of work in narrative messaging.